Unexpected UX session with the customer success team

Being a distributed team we can never communicate “too much”, so we’re making it a habit to always share news and recurring things like meeting minutes on our intranet.

But the best thing is when communication between teams “just happens”.

Below I shared a screenshot for an improved “this list is empty”-screen. First, nothing happened at all. Then the next day the customer success team in San Francisco noticed and started making suggestions. It turned from pure language-level suggestions into a real review of the user experience of that screen (the discussion went on for two more screens), and the resulting screen is of course much better than what we initially came up with in the Berlin office.


It’s nothing earth-shattering, I know, but I really love this cross team/ cross timezone thing, and how well it can work out even for the small things. We usually post feature specifications onto Confluence since it’s better suited for larger discussions, but using Hipchat for all the small things is just as great.