The Small Improvements miracle story – WIRED magazine

Wired_articleWe love a good mention! But WIRED took it a little too far.

According to an article, ‘Small Improvements reported €280 million in revenue last year’. An astonishingly high number for a bootstrapped startup with 230 clients, that instantly sparked interest from investors. It would mean that every client pays well over €1 million a year, which would be hard to achieve with our lean pricing model and limit of 2000 users per customer… Certainly this report does not come from us!

We are actually quite transparent with our revenue and blog about our start-up numbers. To bring the stats of this article up to date:

  • Over 320 clients on 6 continents
  • A team of 13
  • Located in New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Berlin
  • Around $1 million in revenue last year

That is not quite the miracle story from WIRED but still a great success for our small venture! Should you have further questions about Small Improvements, please do reach out. As mentioned we are happy about media exposure but prefer a more accurate reflection 😉