Small improvements is turning 2!

It feels unbelievable for us but we are officially celebrating our second birthday!

What happened in the meantime? Yes, we rewrote features from scratch, redesigned our UI, have a cool office and just surpassed 3 digit worth of paying clients (watch out for the exciting news on WHO our 100th client is :)) But it feels like we are just starting! Our passion is like on day one and we have many exciting plans. We are a start up and I guess every parent will concur: This is and will remain: our baby! And we are massively proud of it.

A brief overview

January 2010

Per Fragemann, our founder pre Small Improvements, happily surfing the waves of Manly


June 2010

Per has an idea. He starts coding a feedback platform and moves to Germany (no waves to distract him). First version looks horrible!


July – October 2010

The tool is progressing! In small but steady increments


January 2011

First customers get on board for free and help shaping the tool by actually using it 🙂 Thank you Customware, Eventist and Atlassian! Your input is invaluable and we are proud to continue having you on board!

Also that month, Joris Luijke posts ‘Atlassian’s Big Experiment with Performance Reviews‘ which later wins the Human Capital Institute M-Prize 2011. Our first real public exposure!

24 March 2011

Small Improvements GmbH is officially registered!

April 2011

We have a new logo! Still looks quite familiar, so does the overall colour scheme..

Old vs new logo

May 2011

We celebrate our first paying customer! Thank you for your trust and continuing support, AgileX!

June 2011

Our first newsletter goes out (Check out the tons of improvements… It seems so funny today – yay bubbles – but it was big back then)

First newsletter

September 2011

We open up a satellite office in Sydney

Satellite office

October 2011

Our first open source project: Smallipop – A versatile jQuery plugin for displaying beautiful tooltips and interactive tours


November 2011

The BambooHR integration is announced which creates a full HRIS and performance management suite

January 2012

A snippet from our professional conference calls… Fun times 🙂

An early conference call copy

March 2012

First sponsorship of a conference! RHUB in Sydney

July 2012

Revamping the head office in Berlin and enjoying our first summer party

Sommerfest_2-07  Berlin_SI_party_IMG_9704

September 2012

Although cozy, the small office is starting to feel just too small


October 2012

North America is calling, we receive the HRwins recognition, sponsor Impact99 conferences in Canada, visit HR Tech in the US and Europe, meet our US clients for the first time and come second in the iHR competition in Amsterdam. Wow, what a month!

USA-Canada_Trip_IMG_2744   SI_iHR_competition

November 2012

Another second place, this time at the iTalent competition in Dublin. Cheers!

8212269544_0f43445051_b  8212284600_d0035fc7c9_b

December 2012

Hiring two people in the USA means that we finally have local support for our biggest market

January 2013

The new UI is live, not one of our ‘small’ improvements but a whole new look and feel with heaps of new stuff

Old vs new design

February 2013

A proper, funky, stylish, cool, spacious, awesome new office is established and another reason to celebrate! Also we meet and mingle in Sydney

8479810090_92375ddcc2_b  8506759088_d3df8767d8_b

March 2013

We attend more conferences like for instance the #TRU London, top 100 paying client (spread over on 6 continents), are collaborating between Sydney, Berlin, New York and San Francisco and have many reasons for celebrations: The future is bright 🙂

Thank you for your support and loyalty over the last 2 years! Much appreciated and we are looking forward to continuing our relationships, improving our tool and spreading the word: small improvements on a continuous basis equal massive improvements over time!

Your Small Improvements team


Plus our advisors and previous helpers

PS: Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group. We love to keep in touch beyond emails and phone calls! And check out our Mentions in INC Magazine, Financial Times, and many more! If you are interested in technical stuff, don’t miss our tech blog including highlights from the jQuery conference in Vienna

PPS: We are hiring!