Small Improvements is recognised with the HRwins badge!

We are very proud and thrilled to be chosen by LAROCQUE, a leading Strategy and GoToMarket Consulting firm for HR related technology and the Human Capital Management Marketplace as one of the ‘2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch‘.


‘When HR Technology Innovates, #hrwins’ is the tagline and reason for the world wide scout of tools. ‘We looked at more than 120 HR Technology Vendors to find the relative few that we feel are Innovating to help HR Win!’ George LaRocque, president of LAROCQUE states.

HRwins stands for the exact reason why we are in business: to help HR find a new way of easily conducting performance management that actually drives employee improvements. In the published vendor report, Mr. LaRocque points out the agile nature of Small Improvements. ‘It encourages collaboration, communication, and recognition. It’s social and engaging software. It’s complexity is behind the scenes. The user experience is incredibly satisfying to anyone that thinks business software should be as intuitive as the social sites we all use.’

We are stoked to be on the radar just in time for the iHR competition in Amsterdam and the iTalent competition in Dublin. Fingers crossed for more recognition ahead!