North America is calling

Small Improvements is taking a big step. For the first time in our (admittedly short) company history we will be visiting, attending and sponsoring events in the US and Canada. Despite most of our customers being in the US, we haven’t  had the chance to meet in person yet. All good with the technology available today but as nothing beats the personal interaction, we are pleased to announce the dates of the trip. And if you would like to meet up with me (Linda), let us know!

Vancouver: October 1st till October 4th
Join me at Impact99 on October 2nd for an awesome HR summit ‘igniting a social workplace’. We are proud sponsors of the event and if you are looking for discounted tickets, get in touch!

Chicago October 6th till October 10th
Meet me at HRevolution on October 7th or catch up for a chat during HR Tech Conference between October 8th and 10th. It will be an awesome opportunity to see what the big guys are up to and connect with some of the most influential people in this industry.

New York October 11th till October 18th
This will be a week to explore the Big Apple after 15 years of absence, meet some clients and celebrate my birthday in style 🙂 If you know of an event to attend, have some insider tips or happen to be around, I’d love to know about it!

Toronto October 19th till October 28th
The second chance to experience todays social gurus at Impact99 on October 24th. Make sure you don’t miss out and contact us for discounted tickets. I am looking forward to more events as well as socializing with our awesome partner Pamela Ross

San Francisco 29th till November 6th
Last but not least, I will be visiting the hub of our client base. Can’t wait to connect with people in this exciting area of technological advances, startups and early adopters as well as meet some clients including ModCloth, Disqus and Sugar Inc.

Join me on this amazing journey and help shape the trip. Looking forward to connecting with you!