Mission 28 complete!

We finally did it! After a lot of advertising, screening and interviewing, we finally managed to sign and onboard our 27th and 28th employees in the beginning of November. Magda joined us as our first dedicated UX specialist, and Sebastian helps move Team Outlaw move faster on the full-stack development side. We’re officially 28 people, so our original mission is complete!

I had certainly hoped to grow the team faster, after all we kicked this off about a year ago. But sadly some people decided to leave us throughout the year. Interesting fun fact, all of them went abroad! So all the best to Alison who is now in China, Stephan who moved to Toronto, Sebastian who left us for Sydney, and to Robin in Thailand! While these departures really hurt, at least we can take pride in that nobody left us just because they wanted a different company in Berlin, they all wanted a total change of scenery. We still love you! 🙂

Either way, we’re now a really strong team here at SI, complemented by 2 freelancers for our website and for our illustrations, and with one new Team Lead joining in 2 weeks it really starts feeling like a 30 people company!

Looking back, there was no magic bullet. “Virtual recruiter” tools didn’t help, and our external referral program was no success either. In the end it was mainly about the “normal” stuff: Internal referrals, paid ads on BerlinStartupJobs and Twitter, proactive outreach via LinkedIn, and an overall investment into employer branding and our website all contributed.

On to 35-ish..!

We don’t have a set growth goal for the next couple of months yet. Since we’re self-funded we always have to take into consideration our revenue growth. And with a large share of our expenses in Euro while a large share of our income is in US Dollars, the recent changes in the exchange rate do affect us too.

But it’s safe to say that we’ll grow to 35 people over time, so if you know anyone, we’re hiring across the board!