Mentions in INC Magazine, Financial Times, and many more!

What a nice way to wrap up the year! Last week we’ve been mentioned in INC magazine, and yesterday we got featured in a Financial Times article about Atlassian. No surprise we saw our sign-up counter explode! And this is only the latest of a very successful Q4. The majority of the year had been alarmingly calm, but now everything is falling into place.


Quoting Rob Castaneda in INC, in a column about must-have tools: “Small Improvements … has made a big difference, especially for our quiet achievers, who are more humble in their self-assessments.” The article isn’t online yet, so make sure to buy the December/January issue of INC!

And the Financial Times writes “… Small Improvements, based in Germany, eventually produced the best tool …” in a use case about how Atlassian remodeled its performance review process for 600 staff. Read the full article over here.

In November we came second at the HRO iTalent competition in Dublin, just 2 weeks after a second place at the HR Tech Europe iHR competition in Amsterdam. Both times we were bested by recruiting products, but that’s not that surprising for HR conferences: Recruiting is piping hot, so we’re actually very pleased that we made it this far within a niche that’s somewhat not exactly loved – performance reviews generally trigger shivers ;). October also saw us a top company to watch in the LAROCQUE vendor report!

Prior to that, we made it to a FastCompany list of top social tools for the 21st century, and into an HR Magazine article about social media in HR. Not to forget our 5/5 stars on AppAppeal. And then there’s also our customers who are blogging about us! Ah, what a nice Q4!

Now, back to wrapping up that other things… our upcoming new layout and dashboard overhaul! Wait, what? It’s festive season already? In that case: Happy holidays to you all 🙂