Meet us at RHUB in Sydney. And check out the new career page!

So we’re attending our very first conference next week, RHUB in Sydney. Linda and I are busy designing a great-looking booth, scrambling to make last minute changes, and Linda and Andrew are excited to be meeting a few international guests here in Sydney.

What’s even better, Linda can do some proper graphic design again. In previous jobs she used to fly to Vietnamese and Chinese factories to oversee large scale packaging design jobs, so this was admittedly a rather small task. But hey, a factory is a factory, even if it’s just around the corner in Sydney!

So what’s RHUB? It’s a HR conference dedicated to recruiting. Not that we’re looking for staff in Sydney yet, Linda has everything covered, but we are of course always keen to meet and greet other HR folks. And we do want to pick up the latest trends in Recruiting too! Learn more about RHUB at!

Speaking of which, we’re now offering 4 positions in Berlin and/or the US. 1 Junior Web Developer in Berlin, 1 part time web developer someplace in Germany (we enjoy remote work), 1 marketing assistent in Berlin, and one support and customer care agent for the US time zones. Check out our new career page right now.