Company Update Q4/2014 and 2015 outlook

Another amazing quarter has ended, and so has a very successful 2014. We hosted our distributed company-all hands meeting to revisit the past quarter and to also discuss upcoming challenges and roadmap considerations, so here’s a summary of where SI is heading


Q4 saw an extreme boost in revenues, which is partly due to seasonal effects (most customers tend to feel the pain the most during annual reviews) but it’s much stronger than last year (and January is going just as strong as December).


What’s odd is that our MRR didn’t rise as quickly, there was in fact a certain slowdown. It turns out that a few of our larger customers have moved from annual to monthly billing and that some invoices didn’t get paid in time, and this shows on the MRR chart instantly. Nothing to be worried about really, and the peek into future MRR looks pretty normal again, but it’s something to watch nonetheless.


all-hands_january_2015Team & Recruiting

Our team grew by 2 full-stack developers and one AngularJS developer in November, and we signed a contract with another Angular-developer with a starting-date of January 15, so we’ve increased our dev capacity by over 60%. Obviously there’s a ramp-up time until everyone is as productive as the old hands, but we’re seeing more features and bugfixes per week already.

Thanks to this growth we’ve now been able to split the team into “fluid subteams”: One focusing on objectives, one revamping the user import, and one swat team that takes care of all the small bugfixes and improvements plus a few mid-sized items. We’ll call the teams “fluid” because nobody gets locked in, we’re still sharing knowledge like crazy, and everyone will be able to switch teams after a few months or whenever a team’s task is completed.

Development and Product

We’ve launched several smaller but important admin changes and the rewritten objectives overview is now in beta (see release notes). But there are some other really exciting projects close to completion but which weren’t ready to launch yet. Here’s a preview since they are too pretty to be left out.

We’re working on a cycle roadmap feature (it’s highly interactive and the screenshot doesn’t do it justice):


And we’ll be overhauling our objectives entirely, adding improved view-, create- and edit-screens. Here’s a peek at the “radar view” prototype (far from final, nowhere close to shipping):


Full presentation

Here’s the entire deck with lots of additional insight into our roadmap and other company details: