Company Update Q4 2015

We completed 2015 with quite the end-of-year rally! While our mid-year results looked pretty dull, Q4 really met expectations and helped us close the year with a 70% revenue increase compared to 2014.


We made $2.9m USD in total revenues, and we had 670 active paying customers in December. The revenues dipped in the middle of the year but picked up towards the end. Our business is really quite seasonal, and sometimes major payments skew the quarterly results as well, so that would explain it.


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 01.40.20.png


Our MRR keeps growing, while our customer number has stalled in December. We did increase our base price a bit earlier in the year, since we saw lots of small clients in the range <20 employees signing up and then churning. We’re seeing less new tiny signups, so we don’t think that a flattening of the customer growth rate is a big problem yet. It leads to higher per-account MRR, and that’s a good thing for now. But of course growing the customer number itself is also an important goal moving forward so we’re not taking that lightly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 18.16.12.png

But in summary it was still an awesome year, and we ended up donating $60kUSD to charities. Read more about that over here!


The really good news however is that our dev team has become super-productive. As you might remember we hired five developers back in July. One did unfortunately decide to leave us, but the remaining four combined with the four who joineds us in late 2014/early 2015 are now extremely well-trained and we’re pumping out features at an astonishing pace. Our latest newsletter was impressive already : Slack, Key Results, Multipraise, Calendar integration and more. But it didn’t mention 3 major features in the pipeline that are in beta stage now and which will ship in the next few weeks already!

Our roadmap for Q1/Q2 is huge and thanks to our new throughput we’ll be sending newsletters a lot more frequently now.


Marketing & Customer success

We almost thought we’d never find anyone, but please welcome Elle, who is now joining Linda to really boost our marketing efforts! Also, our CS team grew by two people in Q3/Q4 and we’ve added much needed capabilites to deal with all our new customers!

Take a look at the (public version of the) slides from our recent all-hands meeting for even deeper insight into what SI is up to these days!