Company Update Q3 2014

Q3 ended a while ago, but somehow November was crazy with sick leave, so here’s a belated summary of what we’ve done in Q3:


Our revenues continue to point upwards, and Q3 was our best quarter to date. Nice, but could be better. Well, taking into account Q2 was already pretty good we won’t complain. Especially thanks to our MRR:


Remember the ugly dent on the MRR from last time? We’re quite glad it was only a temporary glitch, maybe due to vacation time. Our MRR growth has bounced back and we’re looking at a neat linear growth (possibly a bit more than linear).

Development and Product

We’ve launched two new integrations: Yammer and Bonusly, and we re-launched our user directory in August too. We rolled out our new website style thanks our our super-intern Ingo, and there’s also a new handsome release-notes page, plus plenty of small improvements. Next up we’re working on the objectives overview and several other smaller projects.

Team & Recruiting

Going strong! We hired our straight-out-of-school intern Ingo one month into his internship, he really is that awesome. And the future looks bright too: In addition to Michael (whom we already mentioned in our Q2 update) we also managed to make Andi an offer, and he starts on November 1st as well. Two new full-time/full-stack starters means Q4 will see a huge uptake on features. We’re in talks with another frontend-developer for a starting date in January, fingers crossed.