Update Q2 2017: Events, launches, and room for improvement

After a great start into the new year in Q1 with over 25% growth compared to Q1 2016, our revenues went back to very average in Q2. At $900k revenues it’s still an increase of 18% compared to 2016 – but it’s not quite what we had hoped for. The chart looks worse than it is, but yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement!


Mission 28 progress

On a more positive note though, we’re making progress on our Mission 28 project. We brought on a product management team of 2 (Jen from Soundcloud, Adrienne from… SI from 4 years ago, welcome back!), hired 3 backend developers Sharmeen, Jesper and Matt, and we’re now working with two sales-interns Marcus and Olav.  Sebastian left us after 4 years of fantastic service on the frontend codebase, and moves to Atlassian in Sydney. You’ll be missed, all the best! Still, overall getting closer to our 28 people goal, we’re now at 25 and counting.

Events and launches

We’re very proud to have launched our new 1:1 feature in April, and we relaunched our Praise feature in June!

With help of Cléa and Mihai we relaunched our new blog and our new website, which immediately led to an increase in sign-ups:


We’ve been busy attending and organizing events, for instance sponsoring HCI conference in Chicago:



And more importantly, we organized our very own DisruptHR event with 10 speakers and 160 attendees:


And more 🙂

Last but not least, the SI family has a new member: Welcome Joanna!