Company Update Q1 2015: New office, 500 customers, $800k revenue

Time flies, and it’s spring already!

We’ve completed an outstanding Q1, we’ve moved office, and we’re celebrating our office warming party Thursday next week! But let’s see in slightly more detail. Here’s the summary from our recent all-hands meeting.


Our revenues have gone through the roof in Q1, we collected almost $800k in those three months. We now have over 500 customers, and our MRR is approaching $200k.



The outlook is very positive, we already collected $100k in the first two weeks of April, but we do expect to see lower revenues in Q2 since many companies prepay for the year and customer activity is typically lower in summer. No worries though, the overall trend is upwards.


We’ve shipped several improved features in Q1 (objectives overview, messages rewrite, guidance hints) and some large  improvements are close to launch. Our growing dev team has definitely picked up steam!


Support & Customer Success

Our support load had gone up considerably in Q1 due to lots of new customers, but the response time hasn’t suffered, typically we resolve support tickets within 24 hours. Lots of product improvements have been implemented to address commonly asked questions and challenges clients run into


We’ve managed to sign 3 contracts and the fourth offer has been verbally accepted, so by July our Berlin team should consist of 16 people, bringing our company total to 20. Our new office is very spacious though, so probably it will take till autumn until we really make use of all rooms!

Even more detail

These are the slides from our recent All-lhands meeting, containing a lot more detail about features shipped and projects worked on.