2nd place in Dublin at iTalent startup competition

We attended HRO Summit Europe in Dublin. Mainly in order to compete at the iTalent startup-competition, but also to learn more about HRO in general. It’s obviously more interesting to larger organisations, so when we browsed the guest list it was all big names, which is not really our target market. But we did meet with nice people from companies such as Rolls Royce and BT, and also had a beer with competitors from other HR Tech vendors, so that was great.

Just like two weeks before, we came second at the actual competition, the first place going to a freelancer recruiting tool called 3Desk. Which is not that surprising, given that HRO has a lot to do with outsourcing and freelancers. The big surprise is that we came second, I guess!

Due to odd airline ticket pricing, it was cheaper for us to stay and enjoy Dublin for another day, which we did! Nice trip I say!